"A lot of people listen to music passively but I don’t think that you do. Even at the backyard barbecue, YOU are probably processing the “Dance The Night Away” chorus, right panned guitar lead’s messed up phase relationship to you, standing 90 degrees off talking about something funny. You like active listening! You’ve separated the timbral palette of ambient music from the need to experience all music made with it like you would a nap. That’s good!
So should you intently listen to this tape with no context?
How about,
Eric is in his room, things are sounding very good to his ears. He’s smiling and thinking about seeing what his roommate is cooking, he fires a track off to Gunther. Gunther is taking his dog out, he’s looking back at his truck thinking about when the oil change is coming due. He’s got the tape on his phone (he’s the boss) and he’s thinking about Eric, coming back up from the kitchen. There’s pine and ozone in the air. He’s psyched. Eric is back in his room, he’s firing up the tape machine. Text from Gunt: “This is sick.”
- Christian Mirande

VOSP - Pale Shelter